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Coaches come together for Club, Province, and Fiji

Tue, 22/03/2022, 10:30 pm
Oceania Rugby
by Oceania Rugby

Over 60 coaches from across the Skipper, Vanua, Marama and Ranadi Cup competitions are attending a combined 3 day World Rugby CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and Level 3 course in Nadi, Fiji this week.

This is the first event of its kind being held in Fiji and follows six years of focus on coach accreditation in Fiji to support the growth of competitions and development pathways. Approximately 100 coaches have obtained a World Rugby Level 2 or Level 3 coaching accreditation in the past six years with 15 successfully obtaining a coach certification in 2022.

The timing of the session aligns with the beginning of the Skipper and Vanua Cup competitions allowing coaches to put their training into practice and complete all the requirements including their 6 week diary entries.

Lionel Danford, National Development Manager for Fiji Rugby Union is pleased with the high turnout rate at the 3-day event.

“This CPD session will be good for Fiji Rugby in reducing our attrition rate of coaches and keeping our top-level coaches up to date and across current trends in the game. In addition, attendance will fulfill the Skipper, Vanua, Marama and Ranadi Cup competitions compliance for coaches as stipulated in the Terms of Participation in receiving Level 2 and Level 3 Accreditation.” Danford said.

The 3-day session follows a successful week in Viti Levu where 8 coaches who attended a World Rugby Level 3 Coaching Course in March 2020 had their first opportunity since Covid-19 impacted the world to complete their training and successfully obtain a Level 3 Coaching certification. 

World Rugby Master Trainer Michael Magriplis was pleased with the development of the coaches assessed this week.

“The quality and understanding of the coaches I had the privilege to assess this past week demonstrated the improvement of coaching process. For the Level 3 coaches, their depth of understanding really developed following the courses that have been run in Fiji through Oceania Rugby. For the Level 2 coaches, the work that Fiji Rugby Union, through the Development and High Performance units, have done with this group was evident.” Said Magriplis. 

Tailevu Skipper Cup coach Samisoni Baikeitonga successfully completed the World Rugby level 3 accreditation last week said he was thankful for Fiji Rugby and Oceania Rugby for supporting ongoing coach development.

“Doing my level 3 has been a great experience, providing exposure and a new learning curve for me and will impact my coaching for Tailevu and allow me to share my knowledge with the my other provincial coaches. The Coach CPD session this week is relevant to me and what is happening on the ground in Tailevu.”

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